Content Status

Please be aware that the AZ-305 course has not yet launched. The launch is currently estimated for October 2023.

Buying this bundle provides early access to AZ-305 content during development.

AZ-104 is available right now.

Azure Architect Expert Bundle

Everything you need to get certified as an Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

This bundle includes the following courses:

AZ-104 Azure Administrator

AZ-305 Azure Solutions Architect

Valued at $40 + $80 for a combined $120 value.

What You Gain

The Azure Administrator and Azure Solutions Architect certifications are amongst the most highly sought after Azure certifications.

You will gain a very wide variety of knowledge and skills. This bundle covers many disciplines, such as administration, data and analytics, security, messaging and integration, operations, and more.

As a solutions architect, you'll gain knowledge across multiple domains so you can provide expert guidance and designs for complex multi-service solutions.