You can purchase Octo's Bundle now at a special, discounted price as my way of thanking you for helping support me to create content.

This pricing WILL be increasing in future, as it includes ALL current and future courses that I create at cloudlee. This bundle is constantly growing and will include many more courses. And you'll have access to all of them.

See more information in the Course Roadmap.

Plans for the Bundle

Courses Available Now

  • AZ-104 Azure Administrator (Associate)
  • AZ-400 Microsoft DevOps Engineer (Expert)
  • AZ-305 Azure Solutions Architect (Expert)
  • AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer (Associate)

Courses Coming Next

This bundle already includes over $240 of value. More courses are being added in 2024, with the following in development now:

  • AZ-700 Azure Network Solutions Admin (Associate)

This is just some of the extra content that I have planned for 2024, and with your support, I hope to be adding much more. You'll have access to it all.

See plans and vote for courses at the Course Roadmap.

What is Octo's Bundle?

Octo, the cloud octopus, presents Octo's Bundle - All the Azure Things.

Become a master of Azure with Octo's Bundle - you'll get access to all of the current and future courses I create here at cloudlee. You'll also be able to access any new content early, with Early Access.

This is a once-off purchase, with no need to pay for an ongoing subscription. You'll get access to all of the courses, all resources (lessons, demos, projects, etc) without restriction or limitation.

You will get access to all updates that are included for the lifetime of the certifications, and I work very hard to keep everything up-to-date as soon as any changes appear.

The bundle will continue to expand, and is going to include a variety of Azure content for all levels (fundamentals, associate, expert, and specializations).

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